Diana Medrea-Mogensen

My Projects

Entrepreneurship and other Cravings

A few years ago, I discovered the absolute necessity to work on projects in order to develop my professional skills. Courses are great too, but projects are hands-on, and it is how I learn best.


  • Founder and Manager of Concord Events
  • Blogger at DianaMedrea.com
  • Event Coordinator at Relesys
  • Education to Employment Ambassador at Copenhagen Capacity
  • Concept Developer and Project Manager at Let ’em skate
  • Founder/Owner of Baking with Love
  • Copenhagen Business Growth Program – Participant
  • Copenhagen Business Start-up (Program) Award 2013 – 3rd Prize Winner
  • Blogging for The Copenhagen Post and my own blog – MyBakingDiary.com

Skills and Traits

Due to the natural state of structure of my work-flow, I am a skillful project manager. I keep an eye, not only on the tasks at hand, but also at the overview and implications of other aspects of a project.

I consider myself a generalist due to the experience I have in various functions and industries, and also due to my natural curiosity and dedication, that make me a fast learner.

Motivation is a key ingredient to my best performance and I try to keep it up by seeking ways to learn and grow. I wear my emotions on my face, I like to finish what I start and I always try my best.

Let’s talk

Get in touch with me today if you are interested in a collaboration on the projects I am working on, or if you think I can assist you on yours.