Yes, autumn-preneurship is a made-up term, entrepreneurship is not a seasonal thing. However, in Copenhagen, autumn brings numerous events for entrepreneurs and the start-up community.

Here are some thoughts on networking, the events I will be attending this autumn and a list of other events that might interest you.


Entrepreneurship in Denmark is a broad subject and one of the main topics of this blog, so I cannot cover it in one paragraph. I did bring it up because I want to make a small introduction to the subject.


Baking with Love 2013 Presentation
Me at Start-up Program Awards 2013, pitching my first company concept. I was awarded the 3rd prize that day and it marked the beginning of a wonderful experience.

I first entered the entrepreneurial world in 2012/2013 by attending the Start-up Program at, what was then called, Copenhagen Business Service, known today as Copenhagen Business House. There are many of these programs today that help starting entrepreneurs. You have an idea and different organizations help you transform it into a concept by giving you advice and guidance.

Read here when you can get entrepreneurial assistance for your startup.

The first lesson I learned as an entrepreneur in Denmark is that you need a network. Don’t worry, this article is not about the lessons I learned, but this one is important to know. A network is basically all the people you know that you can collaborate with, either by helping them and getting some experience in the process, or by asking for help for your business.

Coming soon: Article about how to successfully network in Denmark.

My Network

So, how do you build a network if you are not from Denmark, you do not have a job and you are still pretty young with little experience in entrepreneurship?

Copenhagen Start-up Program Awards 2013
Me, sort of networking.

I started a Facebook group where I invited everyone I thought might have an interest in entrepreneurship, starting with my colleagues from the Start-up Program. I organized weekly meetings at a café in Copenhagen and I tried to pick the brains of everyone I could.

Soon enough I had to stop holding the weekly meeting due to lack of time, but now, we are over 2.200 members on the group and we still use each other for recommendations, advice and feedback.

What is important to take away from here is that you need to meet people somehow. Make it happen!

Events I will Attend

I have recently embarked in my second entrepreneurial adventure, Concord Events, so I have been using my network to get feedback, information and to assemble a team.

Coming soon: LinkedIn – the ultimate networking tool

I selected a few events that I want to attend, either because of the theme or because of who is attending.

Side note, I really like to listen to people’s stories. I enjoy going to events for entrepreneurs and ask them what they do and how they do it. I find it very inspiring, and inspiration is key to my motivation level.

Copenhagen Startup Weekend

For example, Copenhagen Startup Weekend is coming soon, November 17 to 19, and if you didn’t make plans for that weekend yet, I encourage you to go. You will get the chance to hear many inspiring stories and to talk to some pretty awesome people.

I, unfortunately, do not have a whole weekend, but I will be going to the Startup Weekend INTRO on November 9, because I would love to know more about this community.

Price: Free

Start-up Talent Recruiting

Symbion is organizing interesting events all year long. For example, on Autumn-preneurshipNovember 9, I will be attending a seminar on how to build a successful team. This is relevant for me because it is the first time that I am creating a business with a team and I have much to learn.

Price: Free

Women Entrepreneurship Day 2017

Women Entrepreneurship Day is coming up November 19 and I haven’t been so excited about an event in a long time. A day of inspirational speeches, seminars and lunch with a room full of successful women is exactly what this great event promises.

Price: kr.- 250

Autumn-preneurship Events

So far, I have signed up for these three events. Time is short and I have to use it wisely, but there are many more interesting events happening out there. Here are some selected few.

Iværk&Vækst 2017 – Iværk&Vækst – November 9 – Price: from kr.- 150 (Danish)
Tech Talk #9: Connected Homes – The Camp – November 16 – Price: free (English)
I am tomorrow – Copenhagen – Dare2mansion – November 15 – Price: from € 10
Copenhagen Startup Weekend – Start Mega – November 17-19 – Price: from € 50 (English)
The impact of AI in Society
– Symbion – November 21 – Price: free (English)
Open Wednesdays – CSE – Every Wednesday – Price: free (English and Danish)

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this article. Write to me with your comments, questions or if you want me to write about a specific topic.

Remember, entrepreneurship is a team game!