Build your Project

A project is a temporary activity that aims to creating something which will provide value.
Examples of projects:

  • an events
  • starting a business
  • an art project
  • studying something
  • etc.

Starting a project, regardless of its nature, it can be overwhelming even for experienced project planners. The high level of uncertainty combined with the need to make decisions on little information it can be discouraging.

In the Build your Project video series, Diana will use project management tools to organise a Hackathon for children age 12 to 16, documenting the evolution of the project so you can all see how it looks from the inside.

This project will serve as an exercise for Diana to be more open about her knowledge and experience, while learning from all of you through feedback and sharing. The project also aims at inspiring those of you interested in starting a project and to provide you with easy to use tools funded in project management methodology.

Check out the videos bellow and follow Diana at We are Entrepreneurs DK on Facebook or YouTube and you will have access to all the content of my video series regarding the Hackathon and also to other content regarding entrepreneurship, motivation, structure and networking, among others.