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DianaMedrea.com is an initiative to connect with you and hopefully inspire you through sharing universal stories of success and failure with a good dose of humor.

Entrepreneurship, events in Copenhagen, finding a job in Denmark and life in general, are few of the topics I will be writing about.

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My vision for this blog is to take you with me through this growth journey, good humor and positivism. By doing this, I hope you feel less aloneĀ here in Denmark and get some answers on the way.

My mission is to offer well-informed and fun content in the shape of articles, videos and other artistic expressions.

The values this blog is built on are honesty and positivism, always striving to create relevant content for all of you.

Is this blog for you?

It's about how to live your life

This blog is for everyone in general, and for you who live in Denmark in particular.

Topics such as “entrepreneurship” and “life in general” are universal, while others, such as “events in Copenhagen”, are location bound.

I encourage you to write to me with your comments and/or post suggestions. I would love to hear from you.

Who am I?

I am Diana. I am a mother, wife, student and entrepreneur on a constant self-development journey. Read more about me on the Front page and about my projects on My Project page.

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