A little about myself


I am a recent graduate of AP Degree in Service Management from Copenhagen Business Academy, where I specialised in event management and experience design. I am now finding myself in the search of a workplace that appreciates my competencies and experience while providing a platform for further development.

I have an entrepreneurial mindset and I owned a small business for 3 years until I sold it. During this time I attended various programs and competitions for entrepreneurs in the spirit of learning how to run a business. My dedication and perseverance lead me to win some grants in the process.

An avid learner, I am a self-taught baker, comic strip maker and crochet enthusiast. I love food and to travel, and when I retire I plan on moving back to Spain, learn to play the piano and write a book.


Professional highlights
Personal highlights
Event organization Detail oriented
Content development Service minded
Personnel selection Team player
Project coordination Entrepreneurial mindset
Business correspondence Multicultural background
Meetings and travel support Accountable
Social Media management Self managing
CRM and CMS Good sense of humor
Microsoft Word, Excel, PowePoint, Outlook, Sharepoint Fast learner

In my head

Blogging has always been a passion of mine. In the past I contributed to different online and offline publications, including The Copenhagen Post and MyBakingDiary.dk.

You can read my latest blog posts here.

Be a kid

Did you know that according to a 2013 UK study by Liitlewoods.com kids ask an average of 300 questions a day or one question every 2.5 minutes? That’s how the learn things.

Be a kid! Get in touch with any questions or inquiries you might have. Do you want to offer me a job? Do you want to discuss parenting? Do you want the recipe of my red-velvet cake? Do you have comments about the blog posts?

You can contact me here or on LinkedIn.