Diana Medrea-Mogensen


I am Diana. I am a mother, wife, student and entrepreneur on a constant self-development journey.


Right now I am looking into organizing events for parents to entertain their children in weekends, in a healthy and active way at Concord Events. I truly believe that bringing children together in engaging activities sets the ground for friendship, solidarity and acceptance. These are values that I would like to see in the future generations.

Prior to embarking on the Concord Events journey, I owned a small on-order bakery called Baking with Love. There, I learned how to sell to the Danish customer and the importance of network for the growth of your company and for your mental health. Entrepreneurship is a team game!

Skills and Interests

Creating Let ’em skate is one of my favorite projects, it combines my project management skills, with my social media knowledge on user engagement, resulting in a wonderful event with approx. 300 attendees and some pretty awesome memories. Thank you Team Let ’em skate!

I am a fan of interesting content and a good communication strategy. I genuinely believe that marketing is where businesses should focus in order to succeed. Consumers have so many options nowadays, that the key to attract them is personal identification with the company/product/value.

Structure is a natural state of mine, and I have developed an eye for optimization, especially on work processes.


I am currently studying Service Management and specializing in Event Management and Experience Economy at Copenhagen Business Academy.


I was born in Romania and lived in Spain and Sweden before settling in Denmark with my husband in 2011.

I love traveling with my two men, trying new foods, reading in the shade by the pool, and I am crazy about our two cats Misha and Mila.


Get in touch with me today if you are interested in a collaboration on the projects I am working on, or if you think I can assist you on yours.

My LinkedIn profile offers a more detailed summary of my experience, skills and accomplishments.